Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Juicing Benefits

This weeks post is all about Juicing, It's benefits and why I love it so much.  Before I get started however I'd like to acknowledge that I am no expert on health and would never claim to be.  I love sweets, crisps, pasta, bread, cheese and generally most things that are not so great for you however I try to eat all of these in moderation.  I love food but am also conscious of my health and exercise as often as I can.

One year ago I watched a documentary called 'Fat, Sick and nearly Dead' which documented a man called Joe Cross and his journey to regain his health through Juicing.  For 60 days he drinks nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables and the results are nothing sort of amazing!  Now 60 days is obviously extreme and he was 100lb's overweight but I felt inspired by his story and decided to buy a Juicer and give it a go.

For 7 days I drank nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables and I can honestly say that I have never felt so healthy and full of energy.  I was and still am absolutely hooked.

Why Juice?

Juices are rich in active enzymes to aid digestion

Juices are packed with essential vitamins and minerals

Juices help eliminate toxins and boost our vitality

Juices help clear the complexion and give skin a radiant healthy glow

Juices contain essential amino acids

Juices are rich in the superfood chlorophyll

Juices help balance the body's acid/alkaline levels

Juices are rich in antioxidants that protect us from disease and premature ageing

Juices help with weight reduction.

Why do I love juicing?

I know exactly what I am drinking, nothing is processed

I am getting all the nutrients from freshly extracted fruit and veg that I might not always put on my plate

It's quick and easy and can be made the night before ready to throw in my bag for a busy day ahead

The beauty benefits for my skin are amazing as they help aid the body's natural functions of cleansing and repair.

Believe it or not they taste really good

My morning routine

Every morning I have a glass of hot water and lemon followed by a banana and a fresh Juice.  I try and have one other juice at some point throughout the day.

The majority of my Juices are packed with vegetables as fruit juices are naturally high in sugars.

Information on Juicing

Juicing is really easy to do and I would encourage anyone to give it a go.  Yes you will need to invest in a juicer and yes you will need to buy more fruit and vegetables than you are used to but if it's good for your health then I believe it's a worth while investment.  I buy all my fruit and veg from Aldi's and Lidl's as they are relatively cheaper than other supermarkets.

I love the Liz Earl Juice book and I also use a book by Jason Vale called 'The Juice Master'.
Jason Vale also has various app's which I would recommend as they are really easy to follow.  I currently have 'Juice Master 5lb's in 5 days' and 'Juice Master 3 day detox'.

I have a Phillips Juicer and I think I paid roughly £80 for it.
Amazon is where I would recommend buying a juicer as you can sometimes get them slightly cheaper.
Jason's books are also available on Amazon.

Alice xox

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