Thursday, 5 June 2014

How to clean your Makeup brushes

Why Should you be washing your Makeup brushes?

I remember years ago my gran handing me a little newspaper cutting that explained the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes. Until then, I had never considered doing this but from then on it became a staple part of my beauty regime (my gran was a wise lady). Back then I only had two or three brushes, now I have brushes forever more but I still ensure that I clean them on a regular basis. 

 Here are some tips on how to keep those brushes in tip top condition.

 Why should I clean my brushes?
 If you are using your brushes almost everyday, makeup will gradually build up, particularly foundation. Add that in with dead skin cells, dirt, dust, your own natural oils. If left unwashed they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

 How often should I clean my brushes? 
 It depends how often you use them but I would recommend at least once a week give them a good clean. Cleaning them after each use isn't a bad idea either but don't leave it for months before cleaning them at all.

 What can I use to clean my brushes? 
 There are a few things you can use. Baby shampoo would be my first recommendtation as it is gentle and wont damage any brushes that are made from real hair. Fairy liquid is also okay to use and will remove most stubborn makeup and is good for synthetic brushes. Normal shampoo can also be used. Finally, you can buy brush cleaner from MAC cosmetics and various other brands that is designed specifically for your brushes. 

 How to clean my brushes?
After washing your brushes try to let them dry naturally (it's best to do it the night before) then lay them at an angle with the bristles facing downwards.  This will stop any water collecting in your brush and softening the glue that hold the bristles together.


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