Friday, 4 July 2014

Bodyshop Coconut body spray and body milk

I recently re discovered the Bodyshop when I went in to buy their Coconut Eau De Toilette body spray and body milk after they were recommended by a friend.  

My perfume of choice is normally Laura Mercier 'Almond Coconut' which I absolutely adore however they are expensive so I don't like to wear them everyday.  The Bodyshop Coconut spray is a great alternative.  

Being 30ml in size and costing only £8.50 it is perfect for throwing in your handbag.  The scent reminds me of summer and lying on a beach somewhere far out and exotic.  To top it up I have been applying the coconut body milk.  It comes with a spray applicator which makes it quick and easy to apply. 

Coconut Eau De Toilette £8.50
Coconut body milk £8.00

Alice xox

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